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in the summer of 2000 i spent the month of june in europe. i stayed in a flat in london, on great russell street, one block west of the british museum. it was the most incredible month of my life. here are some pictures from that summer, taken in london

on abbey road with brandy

paul did it barefoot, too

buckingham palace (blurs = freaked out pigeons)

buckingham palace

in front of our flat / occupants of flat #6

shakespeare's globe theater

the globe

imperial war museum

limelight--my favorite club

the london bridge, occupants of flat #6

the london bridge as seen from the london towers

the white tower (london towers)

parliament and ben

infamous phone booth

piccadilly circus w/david

regent's park, rose garden, kenzie/david/brandy

more roses

these were bigger than my hands

sitting on the roof of our flat

st james park roses

st james park w/ david & brandy

st james park

more roses at st james

spider in tate modern

the thames w/danny

an empty trafalgar square

w minister abbey w/ kenzie

summer 2000 cont'd: day trips outside london, amsterdam, paris, people

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