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the month in europe was unabelievable--much of it thanks to the friends i encountered during the trip. thank you dr. k and mr. z for your wisdom and guidance. thank you to everyone who shared your quality time, from getting ice cream to weekend trips. thank you to the fsu center staff for all your help and support and smiling faces. mostly, my flatmates: thank you pat, danny, david, brandy, and kenzie. you made my home away from home a wonderful place to be.

dr. karioth's class

francesca, dr. k, mel

my rommies: brandy & kenzie

flat 6, last dinner, indian:
pat, danny, david, brandy, kenzie

farewell tea:
brandy, dave, kenzie, nick

david squishing your head

summer 2000 cont'd: london, day trips outside london, amsterdam, paris

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