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from june of 2001 to march of 2003, aaron and i resided at 111 hanky mull hill road in columbia county, ny, just west of the berkshires. we shared our space with mookie, goober, some plants, plus various wildelife. it was one of the few places that i've lived where i was sad to have left. here are some pictures of the house and around its corners.

living room,
bedroom door view
(painting by dave)

living room,
window view

living room,
kitchen door view

living room,
exit view

our LAN and our fish

quilt by sue

herb garden

up the street

further up the street

house, mid summer

house, first accumulation

house, early spring

looking east, early spring

new car, early spring

backyard, peak foliage

looking down the street from our house, mid summer

same view,
first accumulation

awesome view

house around the corner,
mid summer

same house,
peak foliage

living room window,
peak foliage

river down the street;
mid summer

same river, peak foliage

river still,
first accumulation

view from our kitchen window, peak foliage

same view, late fall

view again,
first accumulation

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