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on a whim with about two days worth of planning i booked a weekend to amsterdam with neil, mel, and francesa. the weather was fantastic--mid 70s, light breeze, perfectly clear sky. when we arrived we found out that there was a championship game of football (soccer) between england and germany that weekend, so the city was hopping with tourists. i was surprised to find that language barrier was not a concern. the van gough museum was neat, and anne frank's museum was very powerful. i didn't experience red light district at night, which i consider to be a blessing. the flower market had the most gorgeous flowers that i've ever seen, and i had to restrain myself from spending the last of my cash at the flea market. many times i closely avoided being run over by the street cars. at the club i met some great dutch folks; a couple insisted that i join them on a weekend trip on a beach. at aaron's recommendation i visited a coffee shop called 'global chillage'; the walls were covered with awesome murals and lights, i took a nap while my friends smoked some. for the record, i was sober all weekend.

dam square (i think)

park near the hotel

one of numerous canals

the 'market'

perfect roses

streets of amsterdam

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