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what's with the name?
photo gallery

very quickly threw up some pictures from nan/bri wedding in naples, fl. one of these days i'll put these pictures in the gallery, where they belong. really, i will.

got a new camera for my last birthday, been playing. haven't put the pictures in the gallery, but here they are for now.

school keeping me busy, still haven't finished up my 'music' section. fixed a couple of broken links and a huge spelling error, a little embarassed.

finished compiling a repretoir list for the 'music' section, with some luck/time the section should be up and running....excuse the delay. fixed broken picture link in gallery/keenfolks, and broken url link in link/buzzzyhoneybee. also changed links to link/aaron and link/8russellst.

mostly moved. we still have boxes of things here and there in the apartment, but the important stuff have been unpacked and organized. next: a trip to goodwill to get rid of all the stuff that we moved that i don't want to move again. no updates today, but we got DSL! woopie.

ok, one more edit before the big move: history/index has been partially recomposed to keep up with current news. happy reading.

added new pictures to 'family' gallery, double checked all links. this is it for the next little while--will be busy with moving and other fun things in the coming weeks...

found a few pictures to add, deleted a bunch of pictures, consolidated a few galleries. cleared out links to messageboard, fixed gallery template to accommodate the new divisions. 'family' gallery in progress.

moving in a week. figured it was time for some change. removed messageboard because, let's face it, it wasn't being used. no new pictures that are exciting; the number of photos in the gallery will be cut down dramatically to free some space (and also, i was getting sick of looking at the old pictures). perhaps it's time for a new look.

completed gallery/europe, fixed others to condense empty spaces

finished gallery/europe, london section

total facelift: new index, new gallery, new messageboard, new just about everything

*image by david